Monday, 4 December 2017

Landsend Winterleague round 1

Ive been looking forward to this series as last your I bombed out big time first round and never recovered. An early start, on the road at 6.20, and as usual a big breakfast is the order of the day, and very nice it was too. Nice little cash bonus today, sold around 30 of my floay range. Into the draw bag and I pull out peg 22 on Match lake. All three lake are used in this series and you swap around the lakes first three matches and then a randon draw again. I was pretty happy with it as it was around the area that won on saturday. The water was very clear thanks to a week of frosts, so a carefull aproach was needed. For company I had Pete Nurse on 24. He seams to live on that peg. Match organiser Ken Rayner opposite on 1 and Chris Koniecszny (probably spelt that wrong) on 20 to my left.With it being so shallow across to the island i didnt bother with a shallow rig as i tend to waste too much time trying to catch in near impossible conditions. Its a bad habbit ive got. So it was a pellet rig for the bottom of the far shelf. A meat rig for 2+2 (didnt think that would realy work). a silvers rig to fish two plus two to my right at the bottom of the near shelf . And a rig to fish under platform 21. I started on the meat line hoping to catch a rougue carp but nothing happened for 15 minutes. Pete had already netted a smallish carp in that time and Chris was netting one when I decided to switch lines. I dropped in on the long line where i had fed just 4 6mm pellets and almost instantly hooked up a carp. Happy days. Blank saved, unlike last years start. Back out and a few minutes later another graced the net. 4 more pellets fed and I caught two more quickly before it died. So 45 minutes in and Im on around 18lb. but then I went 45 biteles minutes on that line. so I decided to go 6 meters to the right and copy the tactics. Well blow me, it worked again and three more and a skimmer hit the net. So two hours in and Im pretty happy. But then nearly three hours with nothing. Only one twitchy bite, and I swapped around many times looking for fish. With 40 minutes left I tried the silver line again and had a beasty perch close to 2 1/2 pound. I had dropped a few maggots in to my left by now and went in there and another good perch came my way followed by a small roach but that was it then and Ken shouted the all out. At least today I landed every fish I hooked , which was very important. The lake had fished rock hard and the word was five carp was best anywhere else on the lake so I was feeling confident. At the weigh in I put 4-13 of silvers in the net, and 30-02 of carp for 34-15 total and lake and section win. It was hard all over the lakes and no big weights came out. Russ Peck won Specie lake with 69-12 from peg 32, and Rod Wootton won top lake with 53-00 from peg 58. First week of realy cold weather so it was sort of expected to fish hard. Onto the next one.

Match lake
Stu Barnett, 34-15, peg 22
Nick Ducket, 25-04, peg 4
Pete Nurse, 22-06, peg 24 (His second home)

Silvers,  Ken Raynor, 6-08, peg 1

Specie lake
Russ Peck, 69-12, peg 32
Steve Sewell, 31-09, peg 36
Adrian Jeffrey, 22-14, peg 40

Silvers  Tony Rixon, 21-00 (all roach)

Top lake
Rod Wootton, 53-00, peg 58
Lee Williams, 15-05, peg 51
Martin Rayet, 9-00, peg 68

Silvers  Gary Oshea, 5-12, peg 70

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Landsend saturday open.

I've not done a blog for a few weeks, not because I've had a bad run, but just because I've been a bit slack. The last five matches I've framed 4 times. All third places. So I need to pick my ideas up a bit. Back to Landsend for the weekly open and the day couldn't have started worse. Five minutes from the venue and my car went into safe mode and it was a crawl for the last couple of miles. That's probably a £400 repair as it's the desiel particulate filter again. Bugger!!!!.A very nice fried breakfast was consumed and a dip into the draw bucket and peg 11 pops out. All the matches I've fished here and it's the first time I've seen it. It's been consistent lately so maybe my run of thirds would come to an end. There's a deep hole that's close to 2 feet deeper than the rest of the peg at 16 meters so that was gonna be my main target. Also along the end bank. But with a heavy covering of leaves it could be a frustrating day. A margin rig was set up as well for the platform 10. Fed all lines at the start and went to the end bank. It took 5 attempts to get the rig through the leaves but after it settled for a few second the float dipped and carp number one was netted. But that was it. No more bites there. So out to the deep hole but like everybody else at that time I sat watching a motionless float. It was bloody hard. After an hour I thought I saw a swirl through the leaves by the island so I got my shallow rig and dropped it in and carp number two hit the net. Fifteen minutes later number three. But it was another hour till my next bite and a list carp from the hole. Then my day got worse. As it it a hard peg to fish because you have to break down twice because of the brambles behind I heard a little crack. A quick check and I found an inch crack in the joint of my number 7 section. So the long pole fishing was finished for the day. So I got the bomb rod out to drop in in the hole. I did get one out and lost one but bites were very few and far between today.not much happened and everybody except Mike Ducket struggled. I managed a skimmer and one carp from close to platform ten but that was it for me. As expected Mike won it from peg one catching along the end bank with around 14 carp for 77-2. Rod Wooton was second from peg 21 with 45-5. I managed 26-9 for yet another third place. I might not be good but I'm bloody consistent lol.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Acorn Tuesday costcutter

A nice clear drive down to Acorn today, which was a lot better than the drive home due to a nasty accident on the motorway near Magor. Took me 40 minutes from the bridge to home. Usually takes 15 minutes. Anyway no breakfast anymore so it was straight into the draw and out pops 33. Smile on face 😜. It’s a nice peg next to the bridge and with no one on 34, it could be an interesting day. Steve Shaw had a big weight off this peg two weeks ago fishing maggot over groundbait down both margins. So I set up two rigs for that today. Also a Shalla slim to fish the island in 18 inches with 6mm pellet. But that never got used there. But did get a run out somewhere else later. And a  .4 slim to fish 6mm pellet at five sections on the deck halfway along the bridge. At the all in I fed my lines and went out on the top five line and fed 6 pellets over the top and was straight into a carp. But it was foul hooked and came off. Same again next drop in, #&(@&**”’. Language Timothy!!. Frustrating but at least there were fish there. After the first hour I’d put 8 in the net and lost 4, but as usual, the bridge peg fish are small and I’d only put 24lb on my clicker. At least I was catching so I was happy. But the fish moved off for about 90 minutes and I only had about another 6 by half way. Eddie Wynne next to me was going for silvers and was slowly building a weight of them, but he was working hard for it. Fair play he kept at it all day. I tried the margins on and off but saw no indications of anything. In fact I never had anything apart from a couple of silvers there all day. So I stuck it out along the bridge and slowly started to catch regularly. About an hour from the end I saw a few fish coming up for my loose feed so the island rig was adjusted and I stared a bit of slapping and took about 10 fish shallow. The last twenty minutes I went back on the deck as they spooked on the surface and another 4 were put in the net. At the end I'd had around 40 carp and both me and Eddie thought I had 120lb and we were just about spot on as I had 121- 4 for first on the day. Second was Dave Wride with 99-1 from peg 22 and third was Ray Bazeley with 88-4 from peg 9. Eddie Wynne got his reward for working hard to take top silvers with 12-4 from peg 31. Gotta admit It was enjoyable. Lots of bites and busy most of the day.

1st Stu Barnett 121-4
2nd Dave Wride 99-1
3rdRay Bazeley 88-4

Eddie Wynne 12-4
Dave Wride12-00

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Landsend saturday open

Back for the first time in 6 months to probably my favourite venue. Always good here even when the fishing is a bit off because the breakfast is fandabidozy. After meeting up with a few guys ive not seen for ages it was draw time and out pops number 5, the narowest peg on the lake which makes life a bit easier. after a word from Jason radford who told me the fish had got a bit wise, and as the water level was so low i decided to set up a shallow rig for across to the island with a ling line. And boy was it shallow. i could see the bottom clearly at the start of the match. Not good!!.i set it so i could fish down the shelf but it was so snaggy i had to give up on that and go about a foot deep but that was well on the bottom. on and off i fished that line for about 3 hours as it was black with carp feeding. but Jason was right every time i put my rig in near them they just cruised off. Id feed and they`d come straight back but i never had a single indication from them. very frustrating. Only thing i did was foul hook one under the chin lifting the rig out. they never moved away from that line all day but i gave up with two hours to go and came in close. I had four carp in a short spell after a couple of hours when i was trying for skimmer with a 4mm over micros between two lilly beds. Mike Dicket had some good skimmers there last week but i never had a sniff of one. It wasn`t untill the last hour when I managed to get 8 carp out from infront of platform 4, that I sort of rescued my day. I ended up with 12, of which half were foul hooked, for 46-2 for nowhere in the match. not a good day over all. No silvers at all and as the silver pool was won with just over 6lb it would have been nice to get a few and go for that. results below.

!st Steve Seagar 121-11from peg 11. Mainley catching along the end bank and tight in the corner. And he didn`t whinge all day. Theres a first.

2nd Mike ducket 88-8. He caught switching from tigh acroos by the reeds and close in by platform 8 from peg. he also had the top silvers wieght with 7-12.

3rd was the ever consistant Tony Rixon  with 79-15 catching tigh over to the island and in his left margin from peg 19.

first in the silver by default was Mr Bean himself dave Wesson from peg 18 with two big skimmer and a few bits for 6-10

Friday, 6 October 2017

Harescombe thursday open

With it being ages since ive been here I was looking forward to fishing this place again. Nothing big in here but you can expect lots of bite...usually!!. nice breakfast, though i only had the small one as all my shirts are getting too tight lol. into the draw and out pops number 12. Not fished that far down before and the wind was coming from that end of the lake. That was ok as the top end was pretty blustery. Next to me was Phil Auger, i think thats how you spell it. Opposit in the corner was Ray Bazeley and i could see Paul Haines next to the landslide. The weather looked good and i was hoping for a few, but the lake didnt exactly fish its best. I started off on the meat line at 2+2 and after about 10 minutes i had a skimmer about 6 ounces, follwed, after a wait,by an F1. but then it went quiet. Phil started on the same line and was catching bits so i gues he was on maggot or caster. Ray was still quiet, thats a first lol. the wind dropped for the first time so i went across to the far side were id been pinging 4mm pellets and fished with banded 6mm. wasnt long before a had my first carp on but it was a fouler and it pulled out. I was getting loads of indications but it was snot fish messing around and when i lifted into the bites i was foul hooking fish. this was a problem for a couple of hours when i went over after swapping lines. It wa sa case of get a fish or two then nothing and mov lines.ray had started to catch short and paul had a good start but his peg died and was struggling. Phil was now fishing over long and was catching regularly on caster. lots of bits but decent fish in btween. I tried my margin but nothing was happening except all baits being dragged around by fish DNA. too small to get a maggot in thier mouths. so i mainly stuck across for the second half of the match shallow, but it was slow going. The meat line had died completely and the only place i could get a bite was against some hanging grass. Phil never stopped catching allsorts all day so i was convinced he`d won by the end as little was coming out elsewhwere.At the weight in Phil stuck a mixed bag of 65-4 on the scales. Stuart Graham on flyer 2 was second with 38lb. and i squeeded in for last in the money with 34-12. it was a bit of a frustrating day as conditions looked cock on, but thats fishing for you. Onto the next one. Might give Landsend a go Saturday.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Mathern mill Thursday open.

Back at Mathern today for the second time in a week as its only 7 minute drive for me, and I was hoping to do better than Saturdays disaster. I got a bad habit of drawing the top end of the lake when to do any good you need to be at the other end or half way down the road banks. It been about two years and  dozen matches since I've been at the good end so its time to change this crapy habit. Got to the draw and found out peg 22 was in. WTF!!!. Good pegs empty at the other end including Saturdays winner. We asked him to change it and take it out but he wouldn't, even though the weekend matches were abysmal that end and only one fish of of that peg Saturday. And with a very good angler on it that says something. Oh well, into the draw and yep, 22 in my hand. Should have just left and gone home. Not much to say exempt after a pull round and small carp first chuck on the bomb, that was my last bite. After 4 hours of absolutely no fish activity near me I gave up and went home. No point in sitting there. No idea what will win it but with 2 hours to go , Norm Sterry at the other end of the lake, was putting his sixth net in. Just about says it all. If that end of the lake keeps getting put in when there are great pegs left empty at the other end I won't be going back there much longer.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

I'm back!!.... Mathern Mill open

First time fishing after nearly 6 months due to a little trip around the world to the dark side, and was looking forward to this. Been told it's fishing it's nuts off with loads of ton match weights and pleasure sessions up to 500lb. So off I go. Not even looked at my gear since I got it from storage so was hoping for no little surprises, such as forgotten tackle or holes in nets from rodents. Gotta admit, I've been a total numpty, as when I moved in April I boxed up all my water proof stuff then managed to dump it at the tip. Can't find it anywhere so I got no reason to think other than that's what I did. Thanks to Ken Rayner I've borrowed his stuff so that will do until my new stuff arrives 😊. Back to the match. Well not much to say. Very disappointed. To say it fished abysmal would be giving it to much credit. Everybody struggled to get bites. The fish had turn off completely and nothing much was tempting them to have a go. Tried all sorts but all I had was 1carp around 4lb and about 10 skimmers that I caught on corn just to break up the boredom. The only enjoyable think was being sat next to Craig Challingworth so the banter was fun. I didn't bother the scales as only around 7lb wasn't worth weighing. It was won by Peanut over on peg 7 with just over 50lb. Now that's a bad day on this venue. Ah well onto the next one wherever hat may be. I'm off to Norway next weekend so won't be out then. But watch out, I'm coming for your money...Mwahahahaha!!!