Sunday, 18 March 2018

So Simple , landsend winter league, final round.

It was the last match in this very well run series today, but after a terrible nights sleep, thanks to chronic reflux, I got up to be greeted by a blanket of snow outside. It was looking pretty bad so I thought id make a couple of calls to see if it was still on. After a reassuring message from Ken and Tony saying the roads were good around the venue, I packed the car and set off. My street was the worse part of the journey with a bit of a slide but once id driven carefully to the motorway at Magor it was ok the rest of the way.Got to Landsend and there was only 5 other cars there. Quite a few soft cock no shows today, but as the Match was prepaid it wouldn`t effect the payouts. I had already sewn up the series last round but today I was in the final of the knockout against Tony Rixon. And to be honest, with him on Match lake and me on Lake 3 I didn`t think I had a chance, but with the severe weather change it was impossible to say how things would turn out. A very nice hot breakfast was consumed. And it was draw time. Only 5 on my lake out of the usual 9, so plenty of room. I pulled out peg 51. Not a bad peg so I was told, but not one I`ve fished before.
 its 3/4`s the way up the left bank just passed the island gap. The other 4 anglers in my section all drew the first 4 pegs on opposite banks. So it was a lonely day for me apart from the odd call out to Rod Wootton who was my closest angler on 43. It was still snowing hard so first thing I set up was the trusty bomb rod. At least that gives you a chance to have a bait in and your hands warming at the same time. Three pole rigs.  .2 Shalla Slim to fish tight over to the island in about three feet. A welcome depth on such a cold day. A .3 Slim to fish the track in several places. And a .3 SS Margin to fish both both side margins against overhanging branches. Bait wise it was easy today. All I had in my sights was beating Tony so it was all out for carp were ever I drew and I only had meat and pellets to fish on my side tray. No need to go for silvers. It was still snowing and It didnt take long for everything to be covered in a sprinkling of the frosty stuff
At the start Fed all line sparingly and started on the bomb, as my hands had got wet and were freezing so they needed to be wrapped around a hot cup and stuck in my pockets for a while. Nothing happened for 30 minutes so it was time to push the pole out to the island. I slipped a 6mm banded pellet on and dropped it in. It  took a while but i finally got my first bite, that I duly missed. I dropped it straight back in the same spot and after about two minutes it went again. this time I connected to a nice skimmer. Blank saved. The next 15 minutes I hooked and lost two carp. And one destroyed my elastic by bottoming me out and letting the cold freeze it in the stretched position. The only thing I can describe it as was a pile of silly string down by my feet lol. A short while after and carp number one was netted. At this time a very nice surprise happened as two deer walk along the bank and stopped and starred at me. Not something I`ve seen before.As it turned out that was the start of a very nice, If cold day. I stuck on that line for the rest of the day on 6mm banded taking 19 carp in short spurts between quiet patches. The guys at the end of the lake all struggled. I was first to weigh in and I was pretty sure I had just topped the ton mark. And I was spot on with my guess as I weighed  106-03. the rest of the lake was tough with Lee Williams taking a couple of lumps and silvers for 27-10. As for the knock out, Tony had a hard day on peg 22 and lost every carp he hooked, but did get top silvers with 27-00 which gave him the silvers titled for the series. So that gave me the knock out win as well as the series overall, only dropping two points. Nick Ducket won Specie Lake section with 59-00. So to say I was happy is an understatement. My first win in a series for many years and against very good quality opposition. But saying that, I did have a golden arm and drew good pegs every round, but ya still gotta catch whats there. Full match results below. Ken Raynor will post the series results on his page and blog.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Landsend “So Simple” Winter league round 5

It was the last but one round in this years So Simple winter league at landsend. And as as I was in front coming into this round I was desperate for a good draw. I am in a long run of drawing at the car park end of Match lake, my section for the day, going back probably fifteen matches and just wanted to be past the island gap. The top two pegs, 13 and 11 are continually winning matches and I just wanted to draw one of them. After a breakfast I went into the draw bucket. Peg 1 comes out and my head dropped. It’s a peg I’ve drawn many times and never had a good weight from it. I’ve never seen it do any good in any match, so to say I was disappointed  was an understatement . Off of go to the peg and I see that the venue has had a severe trim with the end bank trees lopped off rally short. I set up four rigs. A .1.5 shalla slim to fish tigh to the end bank at various depths and the end of the island. A .4 slim to fish four silver with caste or red maggot at 13 meters straight out. Another .4 slim set for carp to fish the same line in case the silvers line attracted carp. And a .3 SS margin to fish under the bush to my right. I also set up the bomb rod incase I had a problem with a rig. It’s always good to have something in the water when your sorting rigs out. At the start I fed the long line with micros and casters and the edge rig to my right with meat, as I’d forgotten my favoured edge bait, corn. I started fishing the end bank at half depth with maggot and not feeding. After 15 minutes without even a sniff from a roach I swung across to the island for a bit. Nothing there either. So I went to full depth along the end bank, and put a banded 6mm pellet on. Again nothing happened. So I went back to the island. Still not a bite. Steve Sewell on 24 was in the same boat as me with nothing but Mark Leader on 22 had three by this time and was moaning he was catching carp and not silvers lol. I switched to the silver line with a single red on and after about 15 minutes the float finally went under. The number six elastic pulled out and kept going. Bugger, carp on the silvers rig. It was foul hooked but I did manage to get it in after a lengthy fight. Not big but hooked in the belly it scrapped like a demond. Back out for another 15 minutes but nothing else happed. I was hopping for skimmers but they just didnt wanna play. It as now close to two hours in and just one bite. So it was into the margin. After about five minutes I actually looked up and realised the it was possible, if I put a longer lined rig on I could get past the trimmed bush and swing a rig in close to the empty pallet next door on peg two. Being left handed would help but I’m a righty. So I put a few 6mm cubes of meat and a few 6mm pellets in a toss pot and dropped it in by the pallet. Five mintes later and carp number two in the net. Again not big but it was a start. Next drop another about 5lb this time. The next 15 minutes I lost two munters that both bottomed out my number 16 elastic. Over the next couple of hours I had 6 more but lost a few, with a couple taking me under the platform so it killed the peg for a while. I was hoping at this time I could maybe get 30 pound in the net with the last two golden hours to go, but I was ahead of this target. So with two to go I was ready for the catch rate to improve, but the opposite happened. I only had three Moreno in the last two hours and lost three.Mark had caught a few all on his silvers line and it was close between us. Steve had four carp and some good skimmers but he tipped his back without test in the scales. The rest of the lake I had no idea on. I was first to weigh in as I was the scales man. I hate that job. My solitary roach and my 11 carp went 57-05. And as I was really dissointed with the draw I ended up pleasantly pleased. The bush trim (no sniggering) helped, as the next peg pallet was the only place I could get bites. And before it was even seeable let alone fishable. Rod Wootton  was on peg 11 but really struggled for 29-8. Pete Nurse on 13 had mainly carp for 43-12. Mark Leader had a decent net of silvers to go with his carp and did me by a few pound with 63-00. So in the end my fobia about peg one was smashed. And the good result I wanted was achieved. I even managed to get through to the knockout final. So a good day. And if my maths is correct I think I’ve won the series with a match to go but that has to be back here next week for the final round and knockout final against my old mate Tony Rixon. But with him on match lake and me on lake three I’m not too confident I can beat him. But a who knows. Full result sheets on Tony Rixon’s or Ken Raynor’s blogs.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Landsend winter league round 4

Back to landsend for round 4 of this years very well run winter league. Just before I got to the venue I was driving through a blizzard of that, not quite snow, not quite hail stuff and it was freezing outside the car. Glad I was well rugged up. Got there with half hour to spare so first stop was to munch down a nice cooked breakfast and sell a few floats. It was back to a random draw for this round and all I wanted was to avoid Match lake as it been pretty bad for a while. I’m doing OK in the league so a good draw was needed to keep me at the top. But I was one of the last to draw so not much to choose from. Into the bucket and out pops 31. Gotta admit I’m being bit of a draw bag at the mo. That’s my fourth decent draw. It’s on the end of the island on Specie lake. Match organiser Ken Raynor drew it last match and got second on the lake from it, and I could see what he was doing cos I was pegged opposite. So I had an idea on what I would try today. But after setting up 16m to fish a longish line to reach the island 🌴at 17 meters, I put a plummet on and shipped out. The wind was so bad I couldn’t hold the pole after about 12 meters and with the forecast for it to get worse I pulled it back in took off 3 sections and never touched them again. With the strong wind and the snow that was coming down conditions were looking pretty rough. The guys around me went out long but they were finding it almost impossible, so bait presentation was gonna be near impossible. So I got a bomb rod out to get to the island, which in the end was a good move. Won’t go into to much detail as it was very hard. Fishing 11m was a real struggle and I only had a few silvers when the wind did drop long enough to present a still bait. Martin Pettifer next to me persevered for long periods and got a few more silvers than me and a couple of carp on his silver rig. Steve Sewell on 28 fished as long as the wind would allow and caught small roach consistently. Poor Rod Wooten was on 34 and was up the end bank more than in the water a lot of the day. He had his one and only fish, a decent carp, with just 25 minutes left. I’m surprised a pole or two weren’t broken today. I fished half pole and half bomb today, and managed to pick up 5 decent carp from the bottom of the shelf at the end of the island on banded 6mm pellet on an 18. All other lines I tried were void of any life. My phone battery was dead so I didn’t get any photos of the sheets, but I think my 5 carp went 37-9, and my silvers went 1-9, and that total gave me a lake and section win. But to say it was an uncomfortable days fishing was an understatement. And I, for one, was glad when it finished. Many struggled for bites today. You will have to see Tony Rixon’s, or Ken Raynor’s blogs for the weigh sheets  Appologese to the guys for not having all the facts but technology let me down today.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Landsend winter league Round 3

After a week off because myself and Helena took a few days off in Malta, and a lovely time we had too, it was back to Landsend for round three of the Winter league. I was doing well so far so a good draw was needed today to keep things going. Today I was on Specie lake and realy wanted to be at the top end of the lake as thats usualy the good area. I was a bit late into the draw as Di had missed me on the breakfast list and there was only two pegs left in the bucket for my section. So in I go and I pull out peg 33. My prayers had been answered. This peg won the last match with around 90lb so I was well happy as its usualy a tough peg to beat right up in the top left corner. For company today I had Dave Lewis next to me on 34, whom I had drawn in the knockout. Jason radford opposite on corner peg 32, and series organiser Ken Raynor on 31. 4 rigs today. A .15 shalla slim to fish mid depth along the end bank. A .3 slim to fish on the deck on the same line. A good depth of about 5 feet along that bank. A .4 slim to fish for silvers if the need arose on maggot or caster. And a .3 SS margin to fish corn both side at top three length, but didnt realy thing this would be a goer. At the all in I fired a few caters at 14 meters along the end bank and cupped in some micros and casters at 11 meters into open water slightly to my right where it was about 4 inches deeper than the rest of the peg. I put double white maggot on the shallow rig and as I was shipping out I saw a good ghosty on the top in open water so I dropped it in front of it and it obliged but it came off after a bout 5 seconds. So it was back to plan 'A' lifting and dropping the bait at mid depth and pinging a few casters over the top. I had a problem as I was finding it hard to get the bait in the water without blippy roach dragging it about but I did get a decent carp after about 15 minutes. A nice ghosty of about 8lb. I stayed on that line, shallow and full depth for around 90 minutes but only had one more plus a few rouch that managed to hang on to the maggot long enough to get them in. they were a real pain. There were carp there as I was foul hooking a few and loosing them. So I tried on the silvers line with single maggot. I got a couple of tiny roach out then it went quiet for 10 minutes. Then I hooked a good carp in the tail on a size 20 to .01 hooklength. Sqeaky bum time but I managed to get this one in. By now Ken had two carp and was also getting better silvers. Dave was struggling to keep the silvers going. As was Jason. But he had lost a couple of carp by this time. I went back to the end bank but it was the same story, either blippy roach picking at the bait or the odd fouled carp. They just didnt want maggot or caster properly. So I decided to change up to pellet and try to keep the roach away. Like that worked!! They just sucked at it and made the float dance around. Plus no carp at all in the half hour I tried it.By the third hour I`d had three and lost seven. So plan `C` was called for. I upped the feed and changed to corn and started to get the odd carp. I gotta say Jason kept myself and Ken in stitches with his antics today. In a ten minute spell , after watching Ken get a couple of carp slapping close to the island he had a go but was oblivious to the over hanging branches from the trees along the end bank, loosing three rigs.  I think he was using nuts fishing for squirrels. A frase came to mind. The deffinision of madnes is repeating the same actions over and over and expecting a different result lol. Cheers Jason, you made it a fun day. The last two hours was a waiting game. All the carp I got came on corn on the deck at 16 meters after long waits, if the roach let it get to the bottom. At the end I had put 48lb on the clicker and was guessing at 4lb of silvers. Ken had 5 carp and a decent net of silvers to put 49-6 total on the scales and Jason had 18lb. I was surprised to see my silvers go 7-2 and my 8 carp go 55-1 for a total of 62-3 for a section win. Dave had struggled with keeping the silvers going and had no real bonus fish except a 2lb chub. He managed 11-10. My weight was top on the day so I was well pleased. That keeps me top at the moment, but with three matches still to go anything could happen and its all down to keeping drawing well and making the most out of every peg. Full results below.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Landsend saturday open.

This will be my last match for a couple of weeks as I`m off to malta next week for a few days R and R. It was nice to see Di back behind the counter after her Xmas lurgy, but no Olive , so Di was a bit pushed today. But as usual the food was excellent. It was a bit warmer today but the lakes had been frozen over during the week so the water was pretty cold. Into the draw bucket and out comes my least favourite peg on the lake, peg 1. Ah well at least the breakfast was good. Wasnt expecting much as all the fish are sholed up at the other end of the lake and this peg is all about trying not to come last in the match. Well thats how it turned out. I wont bore you with details but I only had 2 carp , one perch and a solitary roach. And the roach was all I had in the last three hours. But I wasnt last. Last but one, so it was bonus lol. As in most matches on this lake, the top three weights came from 13, 11, and 15. Nothing new there. Russ `Drawbag` Peck picked up top weight from peg 13. Followed by Steve Seager on 11. results below

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Landsend Winterleague, round two

not been out since two weeks before xmas so i was looking forward to this as I`d had a good start in the first match with a lake win. I drawn venue owner Mike ducket in the knockout so id have to have a good day as he was on Match lake and he knows it like the back of his hand. I was on top lake today so was hoping for a corner peg but i drew 68 which is the end of the first island. this peg can be good for a few f1`s against the island as its about 4 foot deep tigh across. For company I had Nick Ducket in the corner to my left on 70, Joe McMahan opposite on 42, suffering from the Xmas lurgy and sounding pretty rough. and Chris Koniecczny on 41 in the opposite corner. That was all i could see. 4 rigs today.  A .4 slim caster or maggot rig for against the island. A .4 slim  to fish  caster or maggot in open water at 12 meters. A .3 SS margin rig to fish tight against the bushes each side on corn. And a .3 slim to fish corn against the weedbed. Keeping the bait simple today. Started against the island but after an hour and only one indication it was a swith to the weed bed and first drop in on corn a 10 pounder hit the net. then nothing else for half an hour. Back to the island and a perch first drop on caster. then nothing for and hour on all lines. I then took a 1lb skimmer on corn after a couple of missed bites by the weed bed. At this time Nick has only had a few small perch. Chris had taken 3 carp and Joe was still to get a bite. But he was struggling today feeling pretty sick. with about 90 minutes left I changed to feeding caster by the weedbed and lightened up my terminal tackle. that seemed to do the trick as in that time left i managed a few silvers and two big perch plus another bonus carp that came in on number 6-10 elastic like a wet sack. Nick finished well taking four carp on maggot along the end bank. Joe got a lump out that went over 11 lb. but chris had very little in the second half of the match. At the weigh in Dave lewis was winning our lake with two carp and a skimmer for 19-5. I weighed 20-11 with 5-9 of silvers that was top on the lake. nick weighed last and his four carp and sumplimentry perch also went 20-11 for joint first on the lake.  But later this evening I got a message from Ken Raynor and he said he`d made a mistake and Nick has 20-13 for the lake win. Good job he double checks the sheets even if it was detrimental to me. Dont wanna win by a mistake. the other lake fished a bit better with gary Oshea winning on the day with 89-9. not bafd on a bitterly cold day. results bellow but look at other blogs for reports on the other lakes.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Landsend Winterleague round 1

Ive been looking forward to this series as last your I bombed out big time first round and never recovered. An early start, on the road at 6.20, and as usual a big breakfast is the order of the day, and very nice it was too. Nice little cash bonus today, sold around 30 of my floay range. Into the draw bag and I pull out peg 22 on Match lake. All three lake are used in this series and you swap around the lakes first three matches and then a randon draw again. I was pretty happy with it as it was around the area that won on saturday. The water was very clear thanks to a week of frosts, so a carefull aproach was needed. For company I had Pete Nurse on 24. He seams to live on that peg. Match organiser Ken Rayner opposite on 1 and Chris Koniecszny (probably spelt that wrong) on 20 to my left.With it being so shallow across to the island i didnt bother with a shallow rig as i tend to waste too much time trying to catch in near impossible conditions. Its a bad habbit ive got. So it was a pellet rig for the bottom of the far shelf. A meat rig for 2+2 (didnt think that would realy work). a silvers rig to fish two plus two to my right at the bottom of the near shelf . And a rig to fish under platform 21. I started on the meat line hoping to catch a rougue carp but nothing happened for 15 minutes. Pete had already netted a smallish carp in that time and Chris was netting one when I decided to switch lines. I dropped in on the long line where i had fed just 4 6mm pellets and almost instantly hooked up a carp. Happy days. Blank saved, unlike last years start. Back out and a few minutes later another graced the net. 4 more pellets fed and I caught two more quickly before it died. So 45 minutes in and Im on around 18lb. but then I went 45 biteles minutes on that line. so I decided to go 6 meters to the right and copy the tactics. Well blow me, it worked again and three more and a skimmer hit the net. So two hours in and Im pretty happy. But then nearly three hours with nothing. Only one twitchy bite, and I swapped around many times looking for fish. With 40 minutes left I tried the silver line again and had a beasty perch close to 2 1/2 pound. I had dropped a few maggots in to my left by now and went in there and another good perch came my way followed by a small roach but that was it then and Ken shouted the all out. At least today I landed every fish I hooked , which was very important. The lake had fished rock hard and the word was five carp was best anywhere else on the lake so I was feeling confident. At the weigh in I put 4-13 of silvers in the net, and 30-02 of carp for 34-15 total and lake and section win. It was hard all over the lakes and no big weights came out. Russ Peck won Specie lake with 69-12 from peg 32, and Rod Wootton won top lake with 53-00 from peg 58. First week of realy cold weather so it was sort of expected to fish hard. Onto the next one.

Match lake
Stu Barnett, 34-15, peg 22
Nick Ducket, 25-04, peg 4
Pete Nurse, 22-06, peg 24 (His second home)

Silvers,  Ken Raynor, 6-08, peg 1

Specie lake
Russ Peck, 69-12, peg 32
Steve Sewell, 31-09, peg 36
Adrian Jeffrey, 22-14, peg 40

Silvers  Tony Rixon, 21-00 (all roach)

Top lake
Rod Wootton, 53-00, peg 58
Lee Williams, 15-05, peg 51
Martin Rayet, 9-00, peg 68

Silvers  Gary Oshea, 5-12, peg 70